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Hongshannet 2014-08-31 16:33

The main ethnic group in Kyrgyzstan, in China is called Kirgiz,the vast majority of residents in Kirgiz language,belong to the Altai languages,the Turkic family.Letters from eastern plain area of the Cyrillic alphabet (foreign), Arabia letter (domestic).”The Kyrgyz”is the main ethnic group of Kyrgyzstan,the one that created the Twelve Zodiac nationality,the first ethnic group created text in Turkic.”Kyrgyz”is the claim name of themselves.means”Forty Tribes”,”The Mountain’s Nomads””Flame Red”etc.But generally interpreted as “The Mountain’s Nomads”.Belonging to the Mongolia race North type mix with the Turan of Europa.The paternal genes close to Europa race(Caucasoid Y-DNA78%),maternal gene is mainly consist of Mongolia race,Kirgiz mainly Kirgiz mainly distribute in the western of Xinjiang,vast majority of them live in Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture,rest of distribute in Yili,Tacheng,Akesu and Kashi areas.According to the 5th demographic census 2000,Kirgiz in 160823 population. 

[Editor:Yi Yanjun]