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Hongshannet 2014-08-31 16:31

Xinjiang in the northwest china ,where there is snow covered Tianshan mountains,under which foot inhabited by a singing and dancing race--Uygur. 

In total population of 9870000(2009), Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Uygur in total of 9413796 people (2006),accounts for about 46% total population. According to historical records: uygur was nomad which lived in the northwest Lake Baikal and the area of ertix river and Balkhash Lake, in the third century north china. In the flounce of the inter tribal war, branch of various tribes gradually moved to the Western Regions(nowadays XinJiang), once was translated from ”WeiHe” “WuHe” “YuanHe” “HuiHe” “HuiGu” “WeiTuEr”and eventually to “Uygur”, which means “Unite”and “Joint”. Uygur mostly living by agriculture,cultivating cotton,wheat,corn,rice and other crops. In addition,they also good at landscape art. Chinese largest grape production base,namely the Grape Vally in the southeast XinJiang Uygur Autonomous Region capital Urumqi 184 kilometers Turpan Basin.  

“Uygur”Uigurs claim,means”Joint”. Uygur mainly live in XinJiang Uygur Automomous Region KaShi HeTian and AkeSU KuErLe area south TianShan moutains, the rest scattered in the TianShan Mountains to the north Urumqi, YiLi and other places, a small mount of living in TaoYuan, ChangDe HuNan province,and ZhengZhou, KaiFeng HeNan province etc.  

Uygur alse has its own unique cultural art,such as stories”Affandi”s story”,music and dance epic<Twelve Mukam>and Uygur dancing etc...famed china and foreign countries.Uygur traditional dance:”Bowl Dance”,”Big Drum Dance”,”Hoop Dance”,”PuTa Dance”ect...,Uygur folk dance are:”SaiNaiMu”,”XiaDiYaNa”, 

Folk instruments:”DaPu(tambourine)” “DuTar”and”ReWaPu”ect... 

Uygur medicine is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. 

[Editor:Yi Yanjun]