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China, Arabs look for enhancing media cooperation

新华网 2016-01-19 16:49

  Media representatives from China and over 10 Arab states gathered in Egypt's capital Cairo on Monday.

  They held in-depth discussions on how to further enhance connectivity in terms of concept, strategy and policy in cooperation

  between their organizations, as well as how to upgrade China-Arab world friendship to a new historical high.

  "The dialogue is very important to Arab media for it could further enhance the connectivity and cooperation between Chinese

  and Arab media organizations," said Nassima Stur, Arab meida representative.

  "I think the relationship between the Arab world and China, it's one of the important relationships and it's also a very old

  relationship that we have to invest all the time," said Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, deputy director, Emirates News Agency.

  "One of those elements that we are today talking about is the media cooperation. It's a very important one."

  Two sides to exchange TV programs

  The discussions produced many consensuses on the subject matter. TV dramas are one of the cooperation areas. The head of

  Egypt's Nile TV, Majdi Lachin, said the network will premiere an Arabic version of a Chinese television drama as part of an

  exchange program.