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Famous places to welcome New Year

新华网 2015-12-31 16:47


                                                                                                                                                    Paris, France

  Paris lives up to its “city of lights” to become a city of fireworks on the New Year’s Eve. Fireworks dazzle the Paris streets and thousands of party hit the bars and clubs. At midnight, fireworks burst form the Eiffel Tower, which is one of this evening’s most beautiful displays anywhere.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

As something memorable, a New Year’s Eve beach party in Brazil is hard to beat. Rio’s famous Copacabana beach hosts the celebrations, which include opulent Carnival-style costumes, traditional dance performances and fireworks show.


Berlin, Germany

"What are you doing on New Year's Eve?" For many Berliners, the answer to this is easy: "I am going to Brandenburg Gate, of course!" More than one million people chant countdown to midnight and over thousands fireworks light over the sky on the New Year Eve in Berlin. New Year is the liveliest time to be in the German capital.


Tokyo, Japan

Most New Year’s parties in Tokyo reflect the traditional customs and beliefs surrounding this very important holiday on the Japanese calendar. On the New Year’s Eve, streets and restaurants teem with people, many of them eating buckwheat noodles to ensure health and happiness in the New Year. Temples ring bells as a countdown to midnight, adding a dreamy quality to the celebration.


Las Vegas, the U.S. 

Nowhere on earth does nightlife like Las Vegas, and the biggest celebration of the year sees over 300,000 people at the massive party. At midnight, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display, live bands and laser-shows to grab your attention.


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is definitely one of the best cities in Asia for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The biggest event of New Year’s Eve is in the Centralworld Square, where crowds will gather for a spectacular light show and live concert. As well as the dramatic countdown to midnight, they’ll be video screens projecting celebrations from around the world.


New York City, the U.S. 

New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square defines the evening for hundreds of millions around the world who wish they were here. Nowhere rival the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve in the New York City, the home of the New Year’s Eve most memorable events – the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.


Sydney, Australia 

As one of the world’s first cities to celebrate the New Year, Sydney’s fantastical New Year’s Eve lightshow is renowned around the world. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House ignite at midnight with one of the world’s most spectacular fireworks productions.


London, Britain 

One of the last capitals in Europe to see the New Year, London pulls out all the stops for the biggest party of the year. Millions of eager Londoners line the Thames waterfront and gather in Trafalgar Square, waiting for the city to explode in a dazzling display of sparks and color.