In 2014, the Culture Department of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region joined hands with Xinjiang’s shutterbugs to present a photograph exhibition titled“Splendid Xinjiang”. The prize winners would be awarded diplomas and rewards and the photographers of selected works would be granted diplomas .

Works:The Journey of Migration
Authors:Dang Tong
Works:Buzkashi on the Plateau
Authors:Cai Chaohui
Authors:Ren Kaihong
Works:On the Way of Transferring Pasture
Authors:Guo Lixia
Works:Transferring Pasture
Authors:Chen Hualin
Works:A Lonely Walker
Authors:Li Jianchen
Works:Qiemo Maxirap
Authors:Blot Nyaz
Authors:Guo Dezhan
Works:A Mother on Plateau
Authors:Zhao Pengcheng
Authors:Liu Qingli
Authors:Chen Huanlin
Works:Flying Kites Together
Authors:Tian Xiangdong
Authors:Tian Xiangdong
Works:A Tajik Elder
Authors:Dang Tong
Works:A Kazak Girl
Authors:Tian Xiangdong
Works:Retuning Home
Authors:Yu Guoyou
Works:Tianshan's Charm
Authors:Guo Dezhan
Works:Village in Silence
Authors:Meng Xianxiang
Works:Extraordinary Hami Yadan
Authors:Peng Xingli
Works:The Morning Sun
Authors:Liu Shilong
Works:Sunny Evening in Huashan
Authors:Chen Huanlin
Works:Prairie Pastoral
Works:Spring Romance
Authors:Song Hongan
Works:A Call from Distant Mountains
Authors:Geng Zhaojun
Works:Ridgy Jurassic
Authors:Jiang Luji
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