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Bookstores and libraries make changes to survive in Internet age

新华网 2016-01-20 16:12


  The reading zone in Za Library in Beijing. (Photo/CNS)

  Some people believe that bookstores are destined to disappear in the Internet Age because e-books offer more convenience. But traditional paper books are still irreplaceable and charming in their own right. At present, more and more bookstores and libraries are attracting readers by fostering a unique cultural atmosphere and style.


  Eslite Bookstore attracts many readers. (File photo)

  At the end of November 2015, Taiwan’s prestigious bookstore chain, Eslite, built a store in Suzhou city, east China's Jiangsu province. This new store meets the appetite of today’s reader by selecting 200 classic books and keeping the characteristics of Taiwan’s original stores. This way, in addition to impressions of gardens and art in Suzhou, visitors may also remember this famous bookstore.

  The non-profit Za Library was opened in Beijing by famous musician Gao Xiaosong. Citizens can book space in advance and read there for free. It has been extremely popular ever since it first opened to the public. "People can enjoy drinks and fruit for free in this tranquil environment. There are also rooms for children to read. In my eyes, it is a fantastic place and gives me peace of mind," said Sun Wei, a reading enthusiast.

  Now, in addition to becoming a popular feature in metropolises, more and more public reading spaces are popping up in small towns. These booming cultural and spiritual landmarks create a special atmosphere and contribute to building a nationwide habit of reading.