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Overseas views on NPC & CPPCC: How Malaysia scholar sees the Belt & Road initiative?

[ 2016-03-02 19:00 ]
The following is an email interview by Panview with Mathew Maavak, a doctoral researcher in security foresight at University Technology Malaysia(UTM), on his opinion on China's"Belt&Road"initiative.Different nations can bear and repay costs in different ways, especially vulnerable nations that have demonstrated the political will to persevere towards social and economic development.With the ongoing economic slowdown, China can extract goodwill from many Asian and Third World nations by stepping in through finance such projects in more flexible ways .

Meeting between top Chinese, U.S. diplomats highlights DPRK, South China Sea issues

[ 2016-02-24 16:15 ]
It was the third meeting in a month between the top diplomats, Wang told a press conference at the State Department, adding that it shows that both China and the United States attach great importance to the bilateral relationship.No commercial vessel has encountered any problem in the area of freedom of navigation, Wang said."The general situation in the South China Sea is stable compared with other parts of the world.".

News Analysis: Time for stronger China's voice to be heard

[ 2016-02-24 16:15 ]
Newsrooms across the country have been abuzz since Friday's speech by President Xi Jinping on news reporting and public opinion in which he said that media work by Communist Party of China(CPC)should connect with the outside world and help the nation's message be heard overseas.News providers should actively participate in global dialog to make Chinese political discourse more influential, Zhang said."Only through dialogue can we make ourselves heard by mainstream society and by ordinary people abroad.".

China's Xi urges implementation of reforms

[ 2016-02-24 16:15 ]
He made the remarks while presiding over the 21st meeting of the Central Leading Group for Overall Reform.Attendees of the meeting heard reports on the implementation of reforms on ecological improvement, judicial system, the CPC's discipline inspection system, legislation to adapt to reforms, science and technology system.Public security as well as reforms in Shanghai Municipality, Hubei Province, Sanming City in Fujian Province and Kaihua County in Zhejiang Province.

China reaffirms balanced way to solve Korea nuclear issue

[ 2016-02-18 11:20 ]
The UN Security Council was discussing a new resolution with aims to prevent the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK)from"going too far on a wrong path, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.Wang compared the Korean nuclear issue with the Iran nuclear deal, saying the long suspension of the six-party talks on the Korean nuclear issue resulted in a situation that"no one wants to see.".She also attended the third round of bilateral diplomatic and strategic dialogue.