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Universal salary increase in 2016? Unrealistic!

新华网 2016-01-12 15:49


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  It is unrealistic that the global wage will increase in 2016, an economist who does not want to be identified told Global Times.

  According to a survey by ECA International that was cited on TIME No. 1, a program produced by the financial channel of China Central Television, Chinese workers are expected to see their salaries increase by 8 percent overall and by 6.2 percent above the rate of inflation in 2016.

  The report stated that, according to company predictions from around the globe, wages will rise 5.1 percent on average in 2016, slightly up from this year’s 5 percent average. In terms of real salary increases, the global average is forecasted to be 1.7 percent, which is close to last year’s average of 1.5 percent.

  The anonymous economist told Global Times that indeed the growth rate of urban and rural income is higher than that of the GDP in recent years in China. This trend indicates improvement in the distribution of national income, said the economist.

  As for whether Chinese workers will enjoy a salary increase in 2016, the economist said: "It is too soon to tell."